27 February 2015

Moving and Getting Sick

Wow, things have been crazy busy at the Mello Mike household lately. In December, we moved into our new home and my oldest son and his wife had their first baby (yes, I'm now a Grandpa). The holidays, of course, are always busy with family gatherings, and we've been busy unpacking, organizing the new household, and getting rid of stuff we no longer use. After a terrific five day visit to Quartzsite in late January, I got hit with a cold that soon turned into a bad case of bronchitis or whooping cough. I've had it four weeks now. The chest congestion, which at first was awful, has gone down quite a bit, but I still get intense fits of coughing that make me light headed. In fact, a few days ago I ended up passing out during one coughing spell and fell and hit my head. I had to get staples in the back of my head for the deep gash and was admitted to a local hospital for overnight observation. I'm told that bronchitis can last 6 weeks and whooping cough 3 months. I'm still not sure which I have. The doc said Bronchitis, but the coughing resembles whooping cough more. I hope it's not whooping cough. We have some trips planned that I've had to put on hold while I recover.

Anyhow, that's why I haven't posted any trip reports lately. Moving and getting sick can put a big damper in activities. In meantime, I thought I'd show everyone our new homebase. It's a four bedroom, two bathroom house with a two car garage. No HOA. There's a gated, side parking area large enough to accommodate a large RV, plenty big for our small truck camper. Unfortunately, there are no electrical outlets and water spigots on the side where the RV parking is located, so I'll need to do something about both soon (look for a 30 amp installation here on this blog). I may also have to erect some kind of covering on that side of the house to protect the camper.

The gated parking area for Wolfy.

One big reason why we bought this particular house was for the location. It's located in east Mesa, just a few miles from the Usery Mountain Regional Park, the Superstition Mountains and the Apache Trail, and the Salt River Recreation Area. The Tonto National Forest and the Four Peaks Wilderness Area are close as well. We're about 2 minutes from the 202 freeway and maybe 10 minutes from the 60 freeway. Easy access for long distance traveling. There are even a few RV dump stations nearby where you can dump your tanks for just $5. Hopefully, we can get out soon in the camper and do some exploring.